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vrilly vrilleh~


vrilly :) 브릴리

▶▷ Super Junior OTP Blog Crew ◁◀ → KYUHYUN + SUNGMIN!

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I am the official pppimp! of the yoosumin_love community!
I pretty much pimp for kamo_come_on too, the loveliest JUNSU comm!

Annyeong Haseyo!
So this is vrilly. Well she's pretty much an obsessed kpop fangirl. She really loves Tong Vfang Xien Qi/ Dong Bang Shin Ki/ Dong Bang Shin Gi/ Tohoshinki/(so many names for the same lovely band, lol)! This journal was originally created to stalk communities and fanfiction but eventually she begin to fangirl in it... Then she got bitten by the writing bug and wrote some stories (SLASH! = ♥)! Eventually she started using this journal for real-life stuff as well. She also loves Super Junior and Epik High very much. And is falling for Big Bang too. She sings alot. She's a rather nice and optimistic person but...she's also rather cynical at times. Lalala. Her faves in TVXQ are JaesuCHUN(capitalized the Chun because she's biased) and she hearts ♥Heechul, Sungminnie, Hyukjae and Kyuhyun the most in Super Junior...Hmm, she has somewhat of a meme-addiction problem....And she listens to cpop, jpop (some JE bands, EXILE, Crystal Kay, etc) and jrock (L'arc en ciel) as well. She loves 'chasing' good, funny Korean dramas.

Speaking about myself in third-person feels strange.
Sorta Friends Only?
I'm now rather careful about who I add but new friends are always welcome, provided we share similar views AND interests. Just leave a comment somewhere.
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Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are my heroes ♥ (Hero's my hero LMAO)

extra extra » this just in Yoochun + being pure sex with a hat with his 'passionable' 'bling bling balls'.

stars flash flash; and there goes the cameras. stars

extra extra » this just in Junsu + BFF!Hyukjae

stars flash flash; and there goes the cameras. stars

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